Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc. | TECHNOLOGY
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The Company is planning to commence its first Phase 3 clinical trial of its lead compound ADO4 (“AD04”) for the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Adial possesses a world-wide, exclusive license from the University of Virginia Patent Foundation to commercialize AD04, subject to FDA approval of the product, based upon three (3) separate patents and patent application families, with patents filed and issued in over 40 jurisdictions, including 3 issued patents in the U.S. AD04 has been used in several investigator-sponsored trials and we possess or have rights to use toxicology, pharmacokinetic and other preclinical and clinical data that supports a Phase 3 clinical trial.

Our goal is to develop an effective and safe product to treat AUD that does not require abstinence as part of the treatment and does not have the negative side effects of the current drugs on the market. By removing the difficulties associated with abstinence and the side effects associated with the other current products on the market, we believe that we may be able to remove barriers to patient adoption that inhibit adoption of current therapies and can attract a greater portion of the many millions of patients with AUD that remain untreated. Unlike other therapies, our investigational product, AD04, uses a novel mode of action that involves genetic screening with a companion diagnostic genetic test prior to treatment and is designed to reduce cravings for alcohol to effectively curb alcohol intake, without the requirement of abstinence prior to or during treatment. Our product candidate is intended to be easy to use since it is administered orally, currently on a twice daily basis and with a once-a-day tablet planned as part of the product’s life cycle management. To date, clinical testing of AD04 has shown it to have a positive safety and tolerability profile with side effects similar to placebo.